Annual Act of Remembrance Parade – 21 April 2024

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Fellow Highlanders/Members of the Association, The 48th Highlanders of Canada Regimental family participates in an annual Act of Remembrance Parade by marching to the Regimental Church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 73 Simcoe St. Tor ON M5J 1W9 on the Sunday closest to St Julien Day. This year, the parade will be held on April 21st and it […]

Famous Highlander Video Interviews:

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Sgt Ozzie Reece, MWO George McLean, Capt Norm Gogo, Major Tom White and Sgt Herb Pike: by Scott Masters, Director of the Crestwood Oral History Project Greetings Highlanders! We just wanted to let you know of a project that many members of the 48th might find interesting and that is the “Crestwood Oral History Project”. […]


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Final Week Of The Matching Holland Fundraiser GREETINGS HIGHLANDERS – SERVING SOLDIERS, FORMER SERVING MEMBERS AND MEMBERS OF OUR EXTENDED REGIMENTAL FAMILY We are in the home stretch of the matching fundraiser. There’s one week left! Thus far, we have raised $6,400 and the matching amount is now $850. Thank you very much for the […]

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