Photo of HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Happy Birthday to our Colonel-in-Chief

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Born: 21 April 1926 • Age 96


Colonel-in-Chief: 48th Highlanders of Canada as HRH Princess Elizabeth 01 December 1947 and continuing from Accession Day 6 February 1952 as HM Queen Elizabeth II to present.*


Coronation Day: 2 June 1953 – crowned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Accession Day 2022: 6 February 2022 – The Queen’s 70th year of her reign is the longest in British history.


*The 48th Highlanders of Canada and Le Regiment de la Chaudiere in Levis PQ were the first Canadian regiments to receive their official requests for HRH Princess Elizabeth to be appointed their Colonel-in Chief which were approved by HM King George VI on December 1, 1947.

It is significant that the first two regiments were units of Canada’s two official languages.

(So much for “separatists”)

It is worth noting that we members of these regiments have had The Queen as our “own” for just a little more than 4 years longer than Canada has had Her Majesty as Queen.


God Save the Queen!


text above provided by Major (Ret) George Pearce


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