105th Anniversary Thiepval Ridge 1916
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“They were on The Somme”

The Somme 1916 cover pictureBetween September 1st and October 14th, 1916 the 15th Battalion took part in the Canadian Corps’ offensive on The Somme for which the battalion was awarded the Battle Honours, Somme 1916, Poziers, Thiepval and Ancre Heights. There were three phases in the 15th Battalion’s participation in Somme offensive: September 1-25 saw the battalion arrive in Albert and move into the forward trench line near Pozieres and Mouquet Farm taking part in the fighting to advance the line closer to Courcelette;  on September 26th the Battalion, along with the 14th Battalion, led the 3rd Brigade’s assault on Thiepval ridge advancing the line north of Courcelette towards Regina Trench; September 29-October 14 saw the battalion in close support positions on the edge of Courcelette operating in the ‘Sunken Road’ and ‘Death Valley  until it was withdrawn in October.

During its time on the Somme, the 15th Battalion lost almost half of its usual strength suffering well over 500 casualties – between September 25th and 28th alone 2 Officers and 115 Other Ranks were killed, missing or died of wounds.

This video covers the period from September 1st to October 14th, 1916 and commemorates all those men of the Battalion that fell on The Somme.

Dileas Gu Brath


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