The Pipes and Drums of the 48th Highlanders were on the first parade of the Regiment in 1891. Since then, they have been recognized as one of Canada’s pre-eminent musical organizations. 

Pipers and Drummers are both soldiers and musicians. Members of the Pipes and Drums have served with distinction in all the major conflicts.

 The band playing the “Pipes and Drums” march during the pandemic.

The official role of Pipe Bands in the Canadian Armed Forces is to provide musical support to the Canadian Armed Forces. Pipe band performances promote the military ethos, foster high morale, esprit de Corps, and thus operational effectiveness. Pipe Bands are also a very effective element of our community outreach program, designed to enhance relations with the civilian community, make Canadians aware of the Canadian Armed Forces by projecting a positive image and to contribute to the preservation of Canadian musical heritage.


The Mission of Pipe Bands in the Canadian Armed Forces is to:

  • Proudly represent the Canadian Armed Forces in all of the engagements performed.
  • Satisfy authorized requests from Canadian Armed Forces clients for music services.
  • Satisfy authorized music requests from federal, provincial and municipal governments and any other authorized clients.
  • Provide a venue where the art of piping and drumming can be taught, practiced and demonstrated to the military and civilian community.


If you are looking for a serious-minded and busy pipe band, then you’ll feel at home with us.


Members of the Canadian Armed Forces enjoy great pay and benefits. More information on joining the Army Reserves is HERE. We encourage our members to consider this option, which allows them the participate in all military activities and training offered by the Canadian Forces.

Pipers and drummers interested in becoming a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as a member of the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums must audition.

It is important to understand that local Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Centres will not open a file for an applicant until the Pipe Major provides documentation authorizing the enrolment. Normally you will be asked to sit in with the Pipe Band for a period of time to determine if you can perform at the required level and can perform the duties expected of a member of a Canadian Armed Forces Reserve Pipe Band. If the Pipe Major determines that you are suitable and a position is available, then the applicant will be asked to perform a live audition and prepare a 15 minute recorded audition.


You do not have to join the Canadian Forces to play with the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums. We warmly welcome qualified volunteers.


All members must audition to join the band. During a live audition, the applicant will be required to:

  1. Play prepared pieces of the applicant’s choice (all styles recommended).
  2. Play sight reading material (in all styles).
  3. Play with the full band or a smaller ensemble.
  4. Participate in an interview.

You should be prepared to supply a copy of the prepared music that you intend to play. The prepared music is to be be played from memory. Sight reading and band music will be supplied.


Practices are held Tuesdays from 1930 hours to 2200 hours at Moss Park Armoury, at the corner of Queen Street East and Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto. See map below.


The 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums is also committed to teaching serious beginners on pipes or drums. All beginners are encouraged to seek out private lessons. Several members of the pipe band teach both bagpipes and drums privately and welcome committed students. Contact the Pipe Major (see button below) for more information.

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