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28 Sep 2013

Memorial Plaque for Regina Trench (Battle of the Somme) dedicated.

29 Sep 1984

Stained glass window installed in Chapel in Sunnybrook medical centre. Dedicated 29 October

Highlander in full dress under profile of the Queen and above 48th Crest.

29 Sep 2013

Memorial Plaque for The Battle of Amiens dedicated

30 Sep 1903

48th as part of contingent go by train to Sault Saint Marie to put down insurrection of workers.

Consolidated Lake Superior Co., precursor to Algoma Steetl. Return 2 Oct after no riots.

01 Oct 1891

48th Temporary HQ in former UCC buildings, King Street


01 Oct 1891

SSgt William Harp, Musketry instructor joins from Gordon Highlanders

Dominion Rifle Association matches: First - 1894, 1895, qualified first Bisley 1896

01 Oct 18911st interim Adjutant. Capt. J.C. Macdougall, arrives from Royal School of Infantry Capt. Wilbur Henderson had preceded. Capt. Walter MacDonald, 48th, followed.
01 Oct 1899

Lt. R.G.H. Temple travels to London to enlist in 2RCRI for South Africa

Enlisted in 48th Highlanders on 11 March 1898

01 Oct 1899

Pte Aleck Sinclair joins 1st Contingent for S. A.

Serves in 3 wars; S.A., WWI as Lt and Capt, Home Bn in WWII as trainer

01 Oct 1915

Newly formed St. Andrew's College Pipe Band escorts 92nd Bn to Union Station. 8 Old Boys in 92nd.

Band of pipers, buglers, Drummers trained under direction of P/M James Fraser.

01 Oct 1939

1st Battalion adopts blue puttees, cut in half from 92nd Bn retained stock

Lt Col Haldenby decision, disliked gaiters he called "gapers"

01 Oct 1941

Trooping the Colour at Redhill Stadium in Surrey, England

01 Oct 1945

1st Bn arrives in Toronto. Forms up at Union Station for march to University Avenue Armouries.

01 Oct 1946

Captain John Slater, MBE, VD retires after 60 years of service as Bandmaster of the Military Band

01 Oct 1957

Lt. Col H. K. MacIntosh, MBE, ED authorizes the establishment of a Regimental Museum

Lt. Col. M.E. George is chair of committee with members from every historic period.

01 Oct 1974

Continuing Sergeant's Association formed to assist Sgt's Board of Management.

01 Oct 2009

Afghanistan's State Medal for Bravery presented to BGen G. Young, OMM, CD by BGen J Collins.

President Hamid Karzai, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan issued the award

01 Oct 2016

48th Highrs Troop the Colours - Canada and USA - at American League Championship Game 3

03 Oct 1914

15th Battalion departs Quebec City as First Contingent, CEF

30,621 Canadians, 32 transports escorted by 7 warships

03 Oct 1943

48th capture Volturara in morning. Battle plays out as defined in battle plan.

03 Oct 2006

Medal of Bravery awarded tp Cpl Adrian Markowski for entering flaming vehicle to empty ammunition

Vehicle hit by suicide bomber west of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

04 Oct 1943

C coy, on high position occupied 03 Oct. Uses in and out assault by Lt. Blair Eby's 13 pl.

RCR assault on San Marco not done at 1500 hrs. Takes town after 48th successes.

04 Oct 1943

MC to Lt. Blair Eby led raiding part to route tank/infantry position on crest east of San Marco

04 Oct 1943

MM to Sgt Charles Ellison for leading section route of German MG post then carrying Officer to safety

west of Volturara, Italy

04 Oct 2014

St Andrew's Church holds "Voices of War, Dreams of Peace" event to commemerate WWI service

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