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27 Mar 2008Members of 48th Highlanders train in Fort Drum, NY on urban house clearing on the weekend of 27 to 30 March. 
28 Mar 196948th Highlanders stage a Tattoo in Maple Leaf Gardens to packed house of over 16,000 people. Funds were directed to Canadian Cancer Society.
01 Apr 1940

Rotary Youth Training Corps (Cadet Corps 1625), affileated with 48th Highlanders authorized.

Capt. Charles E. (Beaver) Read, MC appointed OC. Malvern and York Companies.

01 Apr 1974

Pipes and Drums Association formed to support the active band in development and perfomance.

01 Apr 1985

48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums of Holland authorized under initiative of P/M Ross Stewart of 48th.

01 Apr 2014

Battle Honour Afghanistan awarded to 48th Highlanders of Canada, the 50th Battle Honour.

First Battle Honour since Second World War.

02 Apr 2008

Major (ret) J. Brian Bartley, CD was ordained an Anglican priest.

Bartley joined 48th in 1969 as officer cadet and rose to OC Mobile Command Co.

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