48th in Inverness Scotland
48th Book of Remembrance
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01 Mar 1919

DCM to Sgt-Mjr. Frederick Gledhill for distinguished and courageous conduct and leadership

01 Mar 2009

Army Achievement Medal of United States awarded to Major Mark Bossi

"For meritorious service during EX COHORS AMICORUM from 18 to 21 September 2008

05 Mar 2004

48th train at Fort Drum NY in exercise on Operations in Built Up Areas.

In support of Battle Group Alpha of 48th Highrs, QOR and RRC as Company plus.

06 Mar 1914

15th Battalion relieve the 14th Battalion to hold front line trenches at for first time near Fromelles

07 Mar 2019

Sgt (ret) Al Kowalenko receives Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship from Lt. Gov. at Queen's Park

Honoured for 45 years of volunteer service

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