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22 May 1944

Battle Honour, Hitler Line. 48th penetrate to create first beachhead for balance of 1st Brigade.

Two day battle inside Hitler Line.

22 May 1944

MC to Hon/Capt. Stewart East at Hitler Line, went with leading Coy. Injured he visited all men

Set up collecting post under fire; wounded twice, self dressed touniquet.

22 May 1944

MM to Cpl Richard A. Riley for command of pl, clearing houses, advancing then defeating counter

Hitler Line, Able Coy reserve platoon

22 May 1944

MM to Pte Alfred Glendenning as stretcher bearer for carrying out 4 casualties from Hitler Line

Under fire. Also found other casualties and ensured their removal

23 May 1944

DSO to Capt. (acting Maj.) James Counsell for personal battle leadership in Hitler line

23 May 1944

MM to Cpl (Acting Sgt) L.R.P. J. Boulaine for taking command of 10 Pl, reorganizing then leading assault

Under fire, regrouped another pl also, personal Bren gun attack lead; Hitler Line

23 May 1970

Change of RSM from CWO W. Elms, MMM, CD to CWO J. Boggiss, CD

24 May 1892

1st Colours presented by Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General

On grounds of U of T; Colours made by "Ladies of Toronto"

24 May 1893

Arrival at Hamilton train Station by 48th for Queen's Birthday weekend

24 May 1918Fallen this day: click HERE for more detail.
24 May 1925

2nd Stand of Colours presented

emblazoned with 10 Battle Honours of First World War

25 May 1895

Parade at Hiram Walker Offices, Walkerville.

Queen's Birthday

25 May 1896

Camp at Dundurn Park, Hamilton. Victoria Day weekend

4 photos: shave; pajamas; Capt MacLean; Officers dinner in the field

25 May 1896

Sham Battle at Jockey Club, Hamilton. Victoria Day weekend

scarlet dress; Defemce by 38th Bn and field battery under Major William Hendrie

25 May 1949

Lt. Ken E, Cunningham is first Highlander to serve in peacekeeping with UN. India and Pakistan.

Begins tradiation of Highlanders serving in UN and NATO committmens by Canada.

26 May 1916

Private George Robertson

27398 Private George Robertson was an 18 year old carpenter originally from Glasgow and serving in the 48th Highlanders when he attested into the 15th Battalion in September 1914 at Valcartier. He was assigned to No. 2 Company and was wounded at 2nd Ypres in April 1915. He served at Festubert in May 1915 and throughout the Fall/Winter of 1915 and the Spring of 1916 in the Ypres salient at Ploegsteert and Hill 60. The battalion suffered a number of casualties at Hill 60 from sniper fire, including LtCol Marshall on May 19, 1916. Hill 60 was an infamous site for sniping because of the close proximity of the front line trenches to the enemy positions on the higher ground allowing German snipers to fire down into the trenches. Exposing one’s head above the trench parapet even momentarily could mean certain death. Private Robertson was killed in action on May 26, 1916 when he was shot in the head by a sniper. He is buried at Railway Dugouts Burial ground.
26 May 1946

519 Church opened as 48th Highlanders Memorial Hall by Field Marshall Viscount Alexander of Tunis

Association and Trusts purchased the building, the former Granite Club. Open 27 years

27 May 1892

1st Strength report issued; 350 all ranks

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