Regimental Sergeants Major

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Sgt-Maj A.G. Robertson1891-1896
Sgt-Maj A. Rose1896-1913
Sgt-Maj J.W. Kirkness1913-1919
Sgt-Maj W.H. Grant, MVO1914-1916
RSM (WOI) J. Keith, DCM1916
RSM (WOI) W. Fraser, DCM1916-1917
RSM (WOI) F.C. Gledhill, DCM1917-1919
RSM (WOI) J.R. Cotterill1915-1917
RSM (WOI) R.B. Henderson1915-1918
RSM (WO1) L.E. DeHarte1921-1927
RSM (WOI) F.C. Gledhill, DCM1927-1934
RSM (WOI) F. Jamieson1939-1942
RSM (WOI) J.R. Shaw, MM1942-1943
RSM (WOI) W.G. Crossley, MBE1943-1944
RSM (WOI) V.G. Jackson, MM1944-1945
RSM (WOI) R. Alexander1940-1943
RSM (WOI) T. Cotton, MM1943-1948
RSM (WOI) G.M. Stephen1948-1951
RSM (WOI) F.C. Wigmore, MM, CD
RSM (WOI) S. Montgomery, MM, CD
RSM (WOI) W.P. Elms, MMM, CD1961-1970
RSM (CWO) J.A. Boggiss, CD1970-1972
RSM (CWO) David W. Crook, CD1972-1979
RSM (CWO) Douglas P. Chappell, CD1979-1981
RSM (CWO) Michael A.P. Barnes, CD1981-1984
RSM (CWO) Victor R. Goldman, CD1984-1991
RSM (CWO) J. Kevin McGuffin, CD1991-1996
RSM (CWO) W. Gillie, CD
RSM (CWO) W.M. Darling, CD1999-2002
RSM (CWO) Ronald A. Alkema, CD2002-2006
RSM (CWO) P.W.G. McIntyre, CD2006-2010
RSM (CWO) R. Joseph, CD2010-2013
RSM (CWO) D. Murphy, CD2013-2017
RSM (CWO) B. Kwok, CD2017-2020
RSM (CWO) C. Reesor, CD

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