Music plays an important role in the 48th Highlanders. The Regiment has two bands that play an essential part in Regimental life. The bands parade with the unit on ceremonial occasions such as our Remembrance day parade.

  • Pipes and Drums The members of this band are mostly non-commissioned members of the Army Reserves but several volunteers join the band for important occasions.
  • Military Band This all volunteer band supports the Regiment on important ceremonial occasions.

Regimental Marches

The Regimental march is “Highland Laddie”, also known as “Hielan’ Laddie”

Highland Laddie
From "Through The Ages" by The Bands Of The 48th Highlanders Of Canada. Released: 2011. Track 12.

Commanding Officer's March

Named after LCol Robertson MVO, VD who commanded the Regiment May 1906 – May 1911

"LCol Robertson VD"
Played by Pipe Major Iain Lang.

Company Marches

Each component of the battalion has their own march

48th Cadet Corps

Black Bear - 48th Cadets
Played by Pipe Major Iain Lang.

Duty Tunes

  • Reveille and 1/4 Hour Dress                        Johnnie Cope
  • Leaving Station/Advance                              The Haughs of Cromdale
  • 48th Meal Pipes                                             Caller Herrin’
  • 1st Meal Call NCOs Mess                             Brose and Butter
  • Meal Call Officers’ Mess                               Bannock O’ Barley Meal
  • Lights Out                                                        Highland Cradle Song
  • Inspection March                                           The 48th Highlanders Slow March
  • Orders Parade & Piping-In Haggis             A Mans A Man For All That
  • Piping-Out Haggis                                          Neil Gow’s Farewell to Whiskey
  • Lament                                                             Flowers of the Forest

  • Advance in Review Order                             Scotland the Brave


Compact Disks
  • Fields of Honour (1998)
  • Abide with Me – Hymns of Faith (AKA Nearer My God to Thee) (1993)
  • Amazing Grace – All Time Bagpipe Favorites (1987)
  • Here Comes the Mighty 48th (1960 released on CD in 2002
Vinyl Recordings No Longer Available
  • The Bands of the 48th Highlanders of Canada (1986)
  • The Best of the 48th (Two LP Set: Here Comes the Famous 48th & Scottish Heritage)
  • Scottish Heritage: The Pipes and Drums of the 48th Highlanders of Canada (1965)
  • Here Comes The Famous 48th, (a.k.a. Here Comes the Mighty 48th, 1960 and 2002)
  • Pipes and Drums of The 48th Highlanders of Canada

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