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“What is our legacy?”




As a Wealth Advisor, I regularly ask clients to think about and articulate their desired legacy.  So, what is a legacy?  It is most often defined in two ways: 1. monies (or property) gifted by someone who has died; and/or 2. something that is a result of events in the past.


But a legacy can very much be a living thing.  A legacy may include the impact that we can create through our current actions.


Our regiment and regimental family benefit from the ongoing, invaluable gifts of time and effort, given in support our community, as well as periodic financial donations.  All of these things contribute to our collective legacy in support of our regiment, regimental family and community.


So what impact do financial donations to the 48th Highlanders Trusts have?  It’s an important question. Initially set up in 1952, the Trusts’ mission has been to provide consistent, dependable support for the welfare of the regiment, helping to fund our unique highland dress, pipes & drums, military band, veterans, cadets, memorials to honour the fallen, the museum, publishing the Falcon magazine, our regimental family and documenting the significant contributions that 48th Highlanders have made in support of the well-being of our city and country. The 48th Highlanders Trusts have helped to cover costs which are not covered under the Department of National Defence budget.


Today and in the future, the 48th Highlanders Trusts will assist in preserving and memorializing the exceptional contributions and sacrifices of our regimental heritage (such as the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project). It is equally committed to providing annual grants to our active unit, and supporting our regimental family in new ways through the enhanced social media, website and regimental association links while ensuring that the treasured traditions of our kilted regiment are protected, honoured and supported for generations to come.  The Trusts are helping to support new bridges of connection within our community, as we adapt to and benefit from virtual realities.


Current contributions to the Trusts will help ensure that the ongoing mission is achieved and our legacy is secure.  For those who can, consider adding the Trusts to your annual charitable giving list as well as your estate plans.  It will make a difference!


Stay safe. Stay connected.


Dileas Gu Brath


Sasha Darling 



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