November 1917: 15th Battalion Fallen & the 104th anniversary of Passchendaele
15th Bn Cap Badge
Like the Somme in 1916, the offensive at Passchendaele was launched to relieve pressure on the French Army. Operationally, 1917 was a heavy year for the 15th Battalion. The unit had been a first wave assault battalion at Vimy ridge in April and during the intense fighting at Hill 70 in August. When the Canadian Corps moved to the Ypres sector to take part in the battle of Passchendaele in November, the battalion was placed in a support role supplying very large stretcher-bearer and work parties for the infamous ‘plank road’ in the forward area of advance. Ironically the 15th Battalion would back on the very ground where the original battalion had been during the terrible 1915 gas attack. The intense shelling and the late Fall wet weather turned the entire area into an appalling wasteland of shell holes and waist deep mud.

October 30-November 10, 1917: The Fallen of the 15th Battalion – Dileas Gu Brath
This video commemorates the unit’s role at Passchendaele and the men of the battalion who fell there.


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