From the Commanding Officers desk… 1 February 2021
Falcon Head



It’s a great day to be Highlander!  Let me share some good news with you.

You’ll recall that back in May, the FALCON Staff issued a Bulletin on my behalf announcing that we were undertaking two major Regimental projects:

  • Restructuring the Regimental Association; and
  • Updating our Social Media profile.

I issued an update in September letting you know the status of both Teams.  Since then, Col Elms has sent out via Facebook a number of updates regarding the Regimental Association Restructuring.  The work of that Team is largely complete, and the transition from the Restructuring Team to the Interim Executive will take place shortly.  The following individuals have agreed to be part of the Interim Executive:

  • Co-Chairs – Geordie Elms / Greg Young
  • Vice Chair – Kevin Brogan
  • Secretary – Guy Bowie
  • Fin O – Tom Birchall
  • Social Media Comms – Adam Bernard
  • Member at Large – George Boast

Col Elms and BGen Young Greg will act as Co-Chairs and continue the mentoring and transition process to the full executive slate to be presented to the founding General Meeting in Sep/Oct.   Col Elms and BGen Young will have stepped back by mid-summer 2021, and the transition will be complete.

Capt Javin Lau and his team of MCpl Kwan, MCpl Cui and Cpl Clark have done excellent work sending out Facebook and Instagram updates and notices – photos and videos of training, promotions, awards.

In the background Col Jensen worked tirelessly with Navigator, Capt Lau & his team and Adam Bernard to develop a new Regimental website.

There have been countless members who provided support – review of material, surveys, discussions about formats, structures, platforms – these two projects have involved serving members of the Regiment, former officers and NCOs, the Museum, the 15th Bn project, the Senate.

To everyone who has helped – thank you!

We have an Association that now reflects the needs and wishes of our former members; and we have an effective communications system involving the website, Facebook and Instagram.  If you want information about the Regiment, you will have no trouble locating it.

Here is a link to our new website:

I invite you to visit the new website – it’s filled with information, music, video clips and photos.  It also links to Facebook and Instagram.

I also encourage you to register with the Regimental Association (free membership) – this simple step will ensure that you continue to receive notifications of upcoming events, developments and the FALCON.  Simply visit the web site and click on Log-in.  For the serving soldiers, NCOS and officers, please do this now so that you will continue to be connected with your fire team partner and friends even when your active service is finished.

As we move forward, this will be the way that the FALCON will be distributed, so all those who currently receive their copy by email, will also have to register – please do so now, before something ore important comes along and diverts your attention.

As always, I’m also hoping that you’ll invite any former members of the Regiment and the Regimental Family that you are in contact with, to get back in touch with us as well, so that we can keep you up to speed with what is going on in your Regiment, and with the people you soldiered with.

These two projects have taken a significant amount of effort and time, but they have fundamentally changed the Association and the way we communicate / stay connected; moving the us into the 21st century – better reflecting who we are, and better able to meet the needs of our current soldiers, our former soldiers and all members of the Regimental Family.  I am quite impressed with the results of both projects, and trust that you will be also.




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