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Greetings Highlanders – Serving Soldiers, Former Members, and Members of the Regimental Family –   

Welcome to the premier installment of our new weekly blog.  One of the features that was built into the website was the ability to have a blog, and we decided that we would institute a Weekly Blog to stay connected, engaged, and let you know what is going on with your Regiment, and your Regimental Family.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to read my musings and news every week.  I have asked a team to participate in this with me, ensuring that you will be kept informed and hopefully interested in the goings-on of many different facets of our Regiment and our members – serving and retired.


LCol Alkema


I have invited the following to be part of the “Blog Piquet”:

• RSM Reesor Active Unit
• HCol MacIntyre
Active Unit and Regimental Association
• HLCol Darling
Active Unit and Regimental Association
• Col Elms
Regimental Association
• BGen Young
15th Battalion Project
• Col Beal
Regimental Museum
• Al Kowalenko
Veterans Services
• Padre Aitchison

This team will bring their unique emphasis and interests to the blogs, so you will get stories and perspectives on with the Active Unit and soldiers are doing, news about the Regimental Association, our history, updates on our veterans and former members – all designed to keep you connected and engaged.

This is in addition to the Facebook pages and Instagram.  There will be plenty of ways for you to know what is going on with the Regiment.   

We are intending to post the blog weekly and with most of the contributions by the Blog Piquet.  Periodically however, I expect that there will be more than one per week, and guest bloggers to provide an update or news flash about a particular significant event, or a special bulletin. 

The intent of the weekly blog is to inform you of what is going on with your Regiment, what significant events are coming up, celebrate our past events, learn a bit more about our Regiment and the people who helped shape it, and keep you in touch with the Regimental Association.  If there are items of particular interest to you, please contact Adam Bernard, and he will forward them to the “Blog Piquet” for consideration.  

I’m going to throw out another plug asking you to sign-up to the Regimental Association – you can do this through the website; it’s easy, and is the best way to make sure that you remain in contact with Regiment and Regimental Association.

And on that note, I’ll sign off the net.  Stay safe, stay healthy.  I look forward to seeing you all in person when the in-person restrictions are lifted, and we can gather at MPA again.



Niner – Out

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