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As you must have noticed by now, as of January 2021 we have a new Regimental  Association!  About 500 of you have already asked to join through the 48th Highlanders Regimental Association Group page on Facebook. A new interim executive has been appointed and will meet for the first time next week to chart the way forward.  Going forward we will use this Blog to provide sitreps and to direct you to where you can find more information and can connect with other Highlanders.

In September/October 2021 all members will be asked to join the Founding General Meeting of the 48th Highlanders Association.  It is quite likely that meeting and the business you will be asked to conduct will take place virtually in order to allow as many as possible to participate. For that reason it is very important that you complete the two steps to full membership notef below.  

If you haven’t already done so there are two things you need to do to become a fully functioning member of our Association:
1.  Please go to the Facebook Group Page that functions as our “Main Branch” and ask to join.  Ask to join and answer the three questions. Once you are into the group you will find the new Interim Constitution listed under “FILES” (October 8 version).

2.  Please register and fill in the information requested at

If you have questions or suggestions for the Executive you can ask them via the 48th Association FB Group or via email to

Unfortunately, the Interim Executive Vice-President Kevin Brogan has had to take a temporary step back due to personal and professional reasons.  The Executive will consider his replacement at their next meeting. And finally… Get the word out to friends and family from your time serving in the Regiment.  Invite them into the FB group and point them to the website. 

Dileas! Your Association Executive


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